Do not miss colourful Hungary at Prowein!

18–20 March, Düsseldorf, Germany

Prowein is „The wine exhibition”, the No 1 meeting place for wine trade. The German exhibition is organized in a German way: precisely, thoroughly, perfectly. Plus they always have something new and interesting. This year the so called „wine scouts” will make a buzz:  “International sommeliers, renowned wine authors, selected bloggers and bartenders lift the curtain and present their current trend themes.” “Regionality, classics, internationalism, metropolises, origin, country, earth: Wine drinking itself is “in” like never before and the variety of topics, for which our trend scouts at ProWein 2018 stand, is immense.”

Hall 15 – the thousand faces of a small Hungary

Hungary is a small country, but its legendary wine culture and the its revival place it among the top wine countries of the world. If there is something againts its nation, it is the versatility: there is a constant dispute over „what to put on t e flag”. Should it be Furmint, the famous grape of Tokaj which gives amazing dry and sweet wines all over the country? Should it be the young but powerful brand Villányi Franc from or iconic red wine region, Villány? Or maybe Olaszrizling, the most planted white grape, which can be found literally everywhere and can give wines from the fresh summerwine BalatonBor to the matured, oaked ones? Or Bikavér, the red blend, which has a rennessaince in Eger and Szekszárd wine regions? Should it be the group of aromatic wines made of indigenous grapes like Cserszegi Fűszeres or Irsai Olivér? And how about the rosé wines, which are produced in better and better quality by almost all the producers? The question is still hanging in the air above our small country in the middle of Europe. If you want to get to know us, you must taste all – we are sorry, but this is the only solution.

Organic, indigenous, sparkling, botritysed, single vineyard – wine for every palate

Altogether 22 Hungarian exhibitors await visitors in Düsseldorf, some of them represent several wineries (e. g. Tenkes Kft. represent Villányi Franc), so the versatility of Hungary will be well demonstrated. Some exhibitors we recommend:

Szászi Winery, Badacsony

Endre Szászi has a miraculous organic vineyard on volcanic Szent György mountain, north of Lake Balaton. He has a portfolio of indigenous wines typical of only his wine region (Badacsony) with grapes like the super elegant, unique Kéknyelű, the charming Zeus, the son of volcanos called Vulcanus. His single vineyard Olaszrizling called Kabócás is one of the best white wines of Hungary.

Grand Tokaj, Tokaj

The only state owned winery in Hungary has gone through a huge change in the recent years regarding both personnel and vineyard&winery. Their Tokaji Aszú wines are precise and represent stunning Tokaj very well, their single vineyard dry Furmint from Kővágó vineyard is a great white wine, what’s more, its price is also tempting.

Haraszthy Winery, Etyek–Buda

This winery is the one you must watch: the ever improving, well equipped, modern winery makes exceptional wines of the aromatic Irsai Olivér grape, lovely, crispy rosé wine, and their Sauvignon Blanc from the cooler Etyek–Buda region is among the best ones. The winery can boast with a beautiful restaurant, and from this summer music events will widen the repertoire.

Garamvári Winery, Buda & South Balaton

Vencel Garamvári, owner of the family winery was the first in Hungary to make méthode traditionnelle sparkling wine of Furmint. He is constantly working on increasing the quality of his bottle fermented sparkling wines, the results are shown by several international ackowledgements, like CSWWC silver for his Optimum Brut. Garamvári makes excellent quality still wines as well on the south of Balaton.

Tornai Winery, Somló

Somló, the smallest wine region of Hungary lies on a tiny volcanic mountain, and Tornai is one of the best wineries of Somló with constantly great quality. They have won International Wine Challenge Trophy in three consecutive years (!), and these are just three of their top results. Taste their Juhfark wine, made of indigenous Somló Juhfark!

Bock Cellar, Villány

József Bock is an iconic winemaker of Villány, one of the pioneers of Hungarian wine revival started in the 90s. His personality, his taste, his love of hunting is reflected in the wines. It is worth tasting his iconic Bock Cuvée from earlier vintages as well!

Kristinus Estate, South Balaton

The modern winery has gained even stronger momentum since Florian Zaruba became the executive manager. The sommelier line of the winery is full of pearls from the South Balaton wine region, more precisely from Kéthely vineyards.

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