Winefo wine label solution for new EU regulation 2023

Do the new EU label regulations give you a headache?

Winefo – the solution

Winelovers on a diet might greet the new EU regulations—from 8 December, nutrition information and all the ingredients should be available on a wine label—, however, for wineries, this represents yet another challenge to overcome.

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Create labels in 24 languages quicker than a wink

Things get even more complicated when a wine is exported to multiple countries, as all this information must be displayed in a language understandable to the respective export markets. A QR code directing customers to the winery’s website would be a logical solution; however, due to EU regulations stipulating that QR codes linked to wine information must solely serve informational purposes—excluding marketing or promotion activities, as well as cookies, messages and branding—the websites of wineries and even free QR generators become nonviable options. Winefo, an international initiative, offers a swift and straightforward solution for unlimited QR code creation, encompassing all 24 languages of the European Union.

Happy customers translate to a happy you

Though it might sound just another nuisance, over the long term, these new regulations could help wines to strengthen their market position among other competing drinks. As Winefo’s team explains:
“The new EU wine labeling rules provide more transparency for consumers and require a higher level of information on all bottles of wine sold in the EU. While it represents a significant change for producers, it also offers an opportunity to highlight the quality and specific characteristics of their wines. Adaptation to these new requirements may take time and require some adjustments in the production and marketing process. Producers and exporters are therefore advised to start preparing as early as possible to ensure compliance with the new regulations.”

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Solution in 30 seconds

Winefo claims to have the simplest, most cost effective way to comply with EU labeling requirements. Wineries can create unlimited personalized QR code labels for wines and other alcoholic beverages within seconds. “Winefo allows you to create labels in a blink of an eye, update the information anytime you need, so you can print your labels today and fill content in later.”

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Winefo wine label solution 2023

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