For Somló – a new award of the smallest wine region of Hungary

Tornai Winery organizes a wine conference in Somló annually, the next event on 30th November will be the 15th edition. The conference is held on ’András Day’. (András is a family name which has a celebration on 30th November. Hungary has a tradition of celebrating namedays as well, therefore in our country everyone has two ’big days’ a year, birthday and nameday.)

Apart from the lectures on different topics – for example the future of Juhfark local grape –, a lately founded award will be given as well. Endre Tornai, founder of Tornai Winery was born 95 ago and died 90 years ago, and Tornai Winery was founded 70 years ago, With so many jubilees, the winery decided to found an independent, civil award that is to be given annually to those, who help increase the potential of Somló wine region. The nomination was done by the Association of Somló and its neighbourhood councils and Somló Wine Order.


tornaitraminiThe nominees of the two categories:

For Somló region

  • Two mayors are nominated: József Ékes and László Vaczkó

For Somló wine

  • Two winemakers: Imre Györgykovács and Károly Fehérvári

The award – an artisan silver medal designed by artist István Kósa – will be given on 30th November to those of the who receives the most votes during an Internet poll. More information on the conference: Szilvia Vörös 

Tornai Winery’s Top Selection Tornai Tramini 2013 has just been listed among the top 100 wines of Hungary. (Népszabadság Top 100 Bor). As written in the evaluation of the wine: it has a deep, golden colour, the nose is full of oriental spices, rose, sugar melon, sandalwood oil and litchi. On the palate refreshing, citrus flavours follow the oriental mix. A little bit more acidity would make it even fresher, but altogether it is a balanced, lovely wine with the characteristics of a Tramini and the minerality of Somló makes this wine stand out of the flight.

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