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It is time to start your Hungarian wine adventures

Glug is a wine magazine available in the UK and in January Glug is all about Hungary: wine drinking habits, great wineries and great Hungarian wines to illustrate the knowledge gained from the articles! As the director of the publisher explained, they purchased 186 000 bottles to be sent with the 65 000 copies of the magazine, and “the reviews are going great”! If you are based in the UK, join Wine52 wine club now, and enjoy 3 bottles of Hungarian wines and some snacks while reading Glug. As for the wines, Wine52 offers exciting labels like Zenit from Sol Montis in volcanic Mátra. Signing up is easy, it takes a few minutes and the next day you can sip your Hungarian wines in your home.

Attention: the Hungarian pack is available only until the 1st of February.

Sign up here to get your free pack (only for UK based people, postage should be paid)

Zita Kovács Sol Montis Mátra

Watch Glug / Wine52 short video about Hungary and the wines of the pack:


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