Zsirai Középhegy Furmint Tokaj

‘Furmint Février in Paris on 7 February

Furmint, the emblematic white grape variety of Hungary is celebrated in more and more countries and this year France joins as well. A whole day event awaits wine connoisseurs to discover Furmint, this versatile grape, which is the one of the most important grape of Tokaji Aszú wines, but equally important as Tokaj Dry wine. What is more, more and more bottle fermented sparkling wines are made of the variety. The list of exhibitors is not published yet, but Zsirai Winery (our cover photo) is one of the confirmed wineries.

Date and time: 7 February, 10.00–20.00
Location: Institut Liszt Paris 92 Rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris France
Tickets: Free for professionals, 4.39 euro for students, 13.98 for winelovers
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More confirmed exhibitors: Breitenbach, Demeter, Homoky, Pajzos, Samuel Tinon, Tokaj Hétszőlő, Tokaj Nobilis, TR Winery
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Furmint from “Middle-earth”

Tolkien’s Middle-earth is a picturesque land, the perfect scenery for a fairy tail, so is Mád, the renowned village of Tokaj wine region. Zsirai Középhegy Furmint 2018 is a single vineyard wine from ‘Középhegy’ vineyard (meaning ‘Middle Mountain’). The grapes were harvested by hand. After spontaneous fermentation the wine aged in Hungarian oak for 7 months. It won gold medal at Berliner Wine Trophy. On the nose pear, quince, typical Furmint. The palate is very concentrated. The terroir gives a very expressive minerality. Elegant, a real individuality with long ageing potential.
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Zsirai wines are also available in the UK imported by Jascots

Furmint – the flagship variety

Furmint is believed to be or hoped to be the flagship of Hungary. Furmint is one of the few grapes allowed to use under the appellation of Tokaj, it is the main grape of aszú wines along with Hárslevelű. Tokaj winemakers answered with stunning dry Furmint wines to the decrease of sweet wine consumption. Furmint is grown all over Hungary, marvellous Furmint wines are made in Somló, Badacsony, Balatonfüred–Csopak, Mátra and Eger. Nowadays there is a dispute whether Furmint has a potential of long aging or does not.
It ripens late and has a nose of fresh fruits, often compared to ripe pear. Its significant acidity and alcohol produce characterful wines sometimes with a touch of tartness.
Furmint originates from Tokaj, and there are several evidences to prove that, one of them is the mention of the variety as early as 1611 in a document from Erdőbénye, Tokaj region.


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