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Goose News 3.: Le “Bogyólé!” est arrivé!

Beaujolais Nouveau, the French new wine will arrive this Thursday, however its little Hungarian sister, Bogyólé has already been released. The new wine of Vylyan Vineyard and Winery is made with the same procedure as Beaujolais Nouveau, and the label is designed by a different young artist every year.


Carbonic maceration for the infinite fruitiness

Just in case Beaujolais Nouveau, for Bogyólé the grape bunches are intact and ferment under carbon dioxide. Does the name resembles the French one? Yes, it sounds alike, and the word means ‘Berry Juice’. Vylyan has made Bogyólé for 16 years, and this year the result is again a playful, charming, easy-to-drink wine with a bit less tannins than usual.


A bohemian flamingo spreading happiness

The estate announces a label contest every year, this year 205 designs arrived from 11 art schools. The winner is Katinka Laura Győri from The University of Fine Arts with her joyful, bohemian pink flamingo. The label expresses the light hearted atmosphere – the happy feeling of enjoying Bogyólé is perfectly manifested in the picture. Bogyólé is made of 85% Zweigelt and 25% Kékfrankos (Blaufrankisch). “As a nouveau wine, the first wine from 2020 also brings about the typical new wine character that is so popular: zesty, lively, cheerful, explosively fruity: full of scents and aromas of raspberry, red berries and rum punch. It feels easy to drink and spreads happiness.

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