Lajver, Szekszárd

“Had I been blind-folded I would have sworn I had a rosé in my glass”

A wine in “incognito”

Andrea Lemieux wine writer, the owner of The Quirky Cork is not the only one tricked by Incognito, a white wine by Lajver Wine House in Szekszárd wine region. We tasted the first vintage last year with a team of wine writers, we were impressed, and the second vintage is even more impressing! But let us quote Andrea’s opinion, who visited Lajver Wine Estate with as one of the winners of our 4th Hungarian WebWineWriting contest.

“A blanc de noir made from 100% Kékfrankos, the Incognito (great name, no?!) was made via direct press, cold-fermented in a stainless steel, and finally passed through charcoal to remove any pinkness. The resulting wine was so pale as to resemble water! Passing wine through charcoal can often strip not just color but also aromas and flavors…that was not at all the case here.

Had I been blind-folded I would have sworn I had a rosé in my glass. Lightly perfumed with aromas of watermelon rind and cherries with a sprinkle of herby green. Fresh and bright on the palate with summer red fruits and white mulberries. Super quaffable and only 12% abv. And I wouldn’t have believed it had I not tried it, but it complimented the soup so well!”

Creative cuisine

Where should a true wine writer celebrate her birthday? In a winery, of course, as it happened to Andrea Lemieux on the 18th of August. Thank to the chef of Lajver, the birthday dinner was unforgettable, the above mentioned curried sweet potato soup with venison meatballs for example was liquid pleasure, a masterpiece full of flavours. And when it came to the “decadent dessert” – a mouth watering red wine poached pear with English cream, Andrea received her plate with a candle…

Read the whole article by Andrea Lemieux

More about Lajver wines

Lajver Gastronomy: Lajver Wine Bistro can offer wine tastings with home made spreads, salty pastries, and with revious appointment the kitchen offers complete wine dinners as well.

For more more details contact Tímea Tóth 

Lajver Incognito White Kékfrankos
"Blanc de noir" – white Kékfrankos (Photo by István Erdélyi)
Lajver sweet potato soup
The heavenly sweet potato soup with venison meatballs (Photo by István Erdélyi)

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