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‘Kadarka-man’ is how Zoltán Heimann Jr is known around town. The son of Ágnes & Zoltán Heimann completed his training in Geisenheim, Montpellier and Udine. He learned modern international techniques, and got to know many grape varieties and many vineyards on the Mosel, in Tuscany and Down Under in the Yarra Valley. What always fascinated him the most was the unmistakable flavour of each individual origin.

After returning to his native Szekszárd in southern Hungary, Zoltán got it into his head to get to the bottom of the indigenous expression of his homeland, and has taken up the old local grape variety Kadarka as a major project. Usually it is blended in Hungary as a refreshing element in the typical Bikavér cuvée, but Zoltán would like to elevate the variety to the role of soloist. He vinifies two wines of different origins from the delicately structured variety, and in doing this is breaking completely new ground.


The powerful counterpart to Kadarka is the spicy Kékfrankos (known in Austria as Blaufränkisch), which possesses the virtue of reflecting its soil of origin quite precisely. Zoltan proves this with four Kékfrankos from very different terroirs.
His wines are sophisticated and uncompromising, and provide a contrast to the popular & charming wines of the family estate. That is why Zoltan Heimann Jr has chosen a different look for his wines. Under the name Heimann & Fiai (Heimann & Sons), he is presenting distinctive & original creations that appeal in particular to those wine lovers who are looking for uniqueness and expression of terroir.


Zoltán Heimann Jr
Tel.: +36 20 914 1066
E-mail: z@heimann.hu



Heimann & Fiai SZEKSZÁRD Kadarka 2022

Kadarka is our heritage, but that is not the main reason why we love it. Its grace, delicate tannins and distinctive spicy character make it an excellent match with modern cuisine. Kadarka is a capricious variety, so we have set out to identify and cultivate rare and forgotten clones to improve its consistency. In our experience great precision and low intervention in winemaking are the key to preserving its unique character.
Pale colour, closer to the colour of “siller”. The nose shows red currant and cherry, while the palate is light, but complex with fruity and spicy flavours. Less tannin and subtle, playful acidity. Easy to drink, especially when paired with the lighter, but full flavoured dishes of our recent gastronomic era.


Heimann & Fiai SZEKSZÁRD Kékfrankos 2020

So pure and fresh compared to most Szekszárd reds, without a hint of heaviness. Just a bit of funk, but it’s quite precise. Some green aromas from the stem. Round, balanced, hardly medium-bodied, with the support of enough tannins. Not a complex wine, but such a pure rendition of the variety, and again, the focus is on drinkability and honesty. (Zoltán Németi, screwcapped.com)


Heimann & Fiai BATI KERESZT Kékfrankos 2020

Plenty of fruit on the nose, mainly sour cherry. Pleasantly gentle, rounded, tame. Natural and simple, easy to drink, smooth wine with medium finish.


Heimann & Fiai BARANYA-VÖLGY Kékfrankos 2020

Abundant in fruit both on the nose and the palate – sweet berry fruits and some pepper coming from the stalk. Pleasantly ethereal, easy to drink, extremely pure. Natural wine but not in the extreme sense. Easy to drink, smooth wine with lovely, long finish.


Heimann & Fiai SZÍVEM Kékfrankos 2019

Ripened, darker fruit, great depth, stunning freshness. Rounded palate with good tannins, powerful structure. It reminds us of Baranya valley in every aspect, but it is even more complex, even deeper.


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