Vesztergombi Bodzás Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 Szekszárd Hungary

“I’d like to open a bottle of this at the age of 90…”

Vesztergombi Bodzás 2019 – wine of the weekend

Vesztergombi Cellar from Szekszárd should build a new store room for the gold medals. They have been collecting serious acknowledgements for three decades, in a crazy amount! The latest: 2 gold medals at Berliner Wine Trophy for 2019 Vintage and 2020 Csaba wines. One thing is sure: this Szekszárd winery is a stabile base of outstanding red wines. And probably, one of the most important feedback for Csaba, the son of the owner Ferenc Vesztergombi, is the No2 position in renowned wine writer, Sebestyén Nagy’s Top 50 wines of 2023.


Vesztergombi Bodzás Cabernet Sauvignon, Szekszárd, 2019 – 9.4 points

Sebestyén Nagy’s wine review:

It is rare to find a wine like this in Hungary. Properly ripened, clean Cabernet Sauvignon with perfect structure, in great format – almost the “wtf” category. I had to pinch myself, I mean, I had to retaste and retaste again to believe that yes, that wine was really like that. It can easily compete with some better Bordeaux Superior, not to mention more famous wines at this moment, not to be too hasty. Very intense and very Cabernet-like nose abundant in black currant, with a bit of leafy–minty character and liquorice. Big tannin, not harsh, it has already begun to form a soft, smooth chain of tannins. Sensation of high acidity and outstanding intensity of the black berry fruit aromas. Great use of barrels bringing a touch of chocolate and spices into the wine. Great length and potential to be kept for several decades. I’d like to open a bottle of this at the age of 90, with its producer and I would say “Hey, Csaba, my mate, I was wrong. Lay it down for another 10 years”.

Planting: 2014, 1.1 hectare, 4500 vines/hectare medium high
Harvest at the end of October 2019
Maturation in 300 L and 500 L oak barrel for 24 months, then 6 months in bottle.
Retail price on Vesztergombi webshop: 12 000 HUF / 30 EUR

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Sebestyen Nagy wine writer
Sebestyen Nagy wine writer

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