If Cupid were a buck

In most cases people would not appreciate the stab of a buck, espacially when having a romantic date. But there is an exception: Bock Cellar in Villány has a buck in their logo (the Swabish name means buck as well), and their wines give just the right amount of momentum to be brave on your date. Valentine’s Day is coming closer, and Bock Hotel Ermitage has a special offer. But before proceeding, let’s talk about sex!

Does wine work as an aphrodisiac?

Well, red wine definitely helps find pleasure. Red wine contains antioxidants, which help keep vascular system healthy, and for male erection healthy veins are cruical. Plus „due to sexual stimulation the level of nitrogene monoxide rises in the body of a man, and red wine is able to raise the level of this gas even higher – and so to increase the intensity of erection” – said dr Zsolt Kopa andrologist and urologist to Dóra Patakfalvi journalist (VinCE Magazine). Wine was also tested in connection with fertility, and it was proved that red wine protects sperms, while in another experiment women were tested, and it turned out that women, who drink red wine regularely and moderately (not more than two glasses a day) get pregnant faster in higher ration than those who did not drink wine or drank different type of alcohol. So is it an aphrodisiac then? Well, the word means „food or drink that stimulates sexual desire”, and as dr Zsolt Kopa said, the relation of libido and wine has not been examined scientifically. I am sure winelovers of the world would be happy to undergo a scientific test… But we know the answer in advance: yes, wine is an aphrodisiac.

Dinner in candle light, walk in the cellar

Bock Hotel Ermitage is one of the best wine hotels in Hungary, just check TripAdvisor. For Valentine’s Day the hotel offers packages for 1 or 2 nights, they both include 3 course, romantic dinner by candle light, use of the wellness section, room with double bed, full Hungarian and continental breakfast, guided cellar tour, wifi, parking, welcome drink and surprise prepared in the room. For one night it costs 47 500 HUF (140 euros) / 1 night / 2 people in standard room. As for the wines, you can pair each love phase with a Bock wine, here are our suggestions:

  • Bock Rosé Cuvée 2018 – it was the best rosé of last year’s National Wine Competition, ideal when you have jut fallen love with someone. You see the world in pink anyway, how about adding some fruit?
  • Bock Syrah 2016 – single vineyard (Bocor) Syrah matured in new oak for 18 months. A luscious wine full of sweet spices – ideal to t test the doctor’s sentences above.
  • Bock Cuvée 2014 – the flagship wine of the cellar, a Bordeaux blend aged in new oak for 24 months. Velvety, full bodied wine for special occassions, like a proposal…

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