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Joint venture of the Winemaker of the Year and the Sommelier Champion

Koch&Evans Chardonnay and Villányi Franc

When two super energetic people make wine together, the outcome must be more invigorating than a Red Bull… I have known both wine people for a long time, both of them are great at what they are doing, and most of all they are passionate about their work as well. Californian born Victoria Evans is the Sommelier Champion of Hungary (2020), while the tireless winemaker of Hajós–Baja wine region, Csaba Koch is the Winemaker of the Year (2019).

Csaba Koch has vineyards in Hajós–Baja wine region and also in Villány. The two new wines of the mutual work are great examples of each region. Chardonnay comes from Hajós–Baja, while “Villányi Super Franc” comes from Villány, where Cabernet Franc has a unique appellation called Villányi Franc. Csaba made the base wines, but the blending and the “fine tuning” happened together with the sommelier. Now let the sommelier introduce the wines!

Koch&Evans Hajós–Bajai Chardonnay 2020

Pale gold colour, the slow swirl anticipates full body. The intense nose boasts tropical fruits, mainly mango, papaya, pineapple accompanied by some banana, vanilla, clove, nutmeg and barrel spices. Luscious and creamy. The style recalls that of the Californian Chardonnay wines with buttery notes and pronounced fruit. Rich palate and long finish. The complex wine is ready to enjoy now, but it has ageing potential for years.
As the sommelier suggests, this Chardonnay is ideal by itself, and matches perfectly with dishes seasoned with truffles, spicy shrimps, roasted pig, roasted goose and foie gras or roasted duck.
Retail price is 4990 HUF (around 14 euros).

Koch&Evans Villányi Super Franc 2018

Ruby colour of medium intensity. The attractive, “warm” nose already reveals the varietal character of the wine. Blackcurrant, cherry, sour cherry and raspberry appear along with notes of barrel ageing, like tobacco, smoke, graphite and black pepper. The wine is rich in acidity and tannins and it is in harmony with the body. The palate is abundant in red berry fruits, long lasting chocolate and cocoa notes. A balanced wine, a great example of the variety.
The wine has an ageing potential for at least 10 years, as Victoria Evans commented. The sommelier recommends the wine to pair with venison or beef steak, but she also suggests us to try it with hard cheeses.
Retail price is around 12 990 HUF (around 36 euros).

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