Kristinus Wine Estate

Kristinus Wine Estate is situated on the South of Lake Balaton in Balatonboglár wine region. Kristinus has been a Demeter certified biodynamic estate since 2022.

“We cultivate healthy grapes in a biodynamic and sustainable way, from which we make unique, individual wines. What helps us to do this? The South Balaton terroir, a heart-soul team, our faith in the region, and a mindset focusing on biodynamics. Our goal is to go one step back: to influence nature’s raw materials as little as possible.For us, this place is the center of the world, much more than just a vineyard that produces our wines. We want to give as back much as we can of what we get from it, so sustainability, organic and biodynamic cultivation is the basis of everything at the estate.”
Florian Zaruba – CEO, Winemaker

Soil, Moon, Sun and Stars

We believe that the best grapes can only come from nutrient and hummus-rich soil that is healthy and alive. In every area of ​​the estate’s life, we strive to have the smallest possible ecological footprint and work as part of nature. That’s why we put sustainability at the heart of every decision we make, even when it comes to small details like bottle weight, renewable energy, homemade sourdough bread, or even the disposal of single-use plastics.


Since the end of 2018, we have been cultivating our land biodynamically. This means treating the vine and the surrounding environment as a whole, which is inseparable. Biodiversity is crucial in this system, where every living organism and microorganism plays a key role at its level. In line with the principles of biodynamics – just like humans – we strive to develop the strongest immune system in the vineyard, instead of just treating the symptoms. Instead of chemical sprays, herbicides, and fertilizers, we use natural preparations for plant protection. It is a process that requires a constant presence, so human work is irreplaceable for us. As they say, a walk in the vineyard is worth two sprays – and we like to walk.


Just like in the vineyard, we aim for the least intervention in the cellar. We are working to make the most of the soil and climate in the vineyard so that the wines truly reflect the terroir. The work we do here is about working with nature to make the best quality wines possible. We believe that in this case, returning to the basics is a step forward, including the use of winemaking techniques such as the ancient sparkling technology, pétillant naturel, or also called Pet-Nat.


Ádám Kuruc
8713 Kéthely, Hunyadi u. 99., Hungary
Phone: +36 30 551 2107




Kristinus Siller 2021

Pure Zweigelt grapes, low intervention wine: unfined, unfiltered, low added sulphur. A wine halfway between a rose and a red. Clean, fruity, easy-drinking.


Kristinus Kékfrankos Vári 2019

Spicy, elegant and vibrant Kékfrankos from Vári Vineyard. Kékfrankos is not just a variety in the region – it’s a cultural thing. The handpicked grape comes from Vári vineyard and to preserve the taste of the fruit and its spice-driven, fresh character we chose big used barrels for ageing.


Kristinus Liquid Sundowner 2021

Sundowner means a drink that you enjoy in the late afternoon, around those few minutes when the sun disappears behind the horizon – a feeling that reminds us of this complex and structured orange wine. Juicy, peachy with white floral notes and stunning acidity. Spicy, experimental, complex.


Kristinus Analóg 2021

A linear, fruity, vibrant white blend from biodynamically farmed vineyard, without fining and filtration, with a very low amount of sulphur.


Kristinus Metamorph 2021

Sauvignon Blanc and Olaszrizling come together in this blend. Low intervention, fermented spontaneously, aged in amphora for 6 months, bottled without filtration. Mildly aromatic, pleasant to drink. Herbal, experimental, vibrant.


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