Let’s meet at Wine Square in Szeged!

The south-east city of Szeged is famous for its university, the magnificent dome and the longest annual wine festival in May. Seemingly the longest wine festival is not long enough, since another huge outdoor wine event awaits winlovers between 18–22 September called ’Bortér’ (meaning Wine Square). More than 80 wineries will exhibit at the free entrance wine festival at Dóm square, just under the gracious cathedral. Some of the exhibiting wineries: Áts Károly (Tokaj), Bock (Villány), Borbély (Badacsony), Dúzsi (Szekszárd), Eszterbauer (Szekszárd), Frittmann (Kunság), Gere Tamás & Zsolt (Villány), Haraszthy (Etyek), Koch (Hajós–Baja), Lajvér (Szekszárd), Sabar (Badacsony), Tűzkő (Tolna) or Vylyan (Villány). Tűzkő Winery is from the less known Tolna wine region, owned by Antinori family from Tuscany and makes great wines from crispy whites through lovely, refreshing rosés to complex, layered red wines. Tűzkő Cabernet Franc is an example of the latter style: deep, full bodied wine with subtle oak notes, cherry aromas ont he palate and some tobacco in the aftertaste.

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