Liquid Sunshine – that’s what we need in November

Craft Wine in the Netherlands offers Kristinus Liquid Sunshine with other treasures in a 6 pack of terroir driven, cool wines – at special price now. What do the Dutch guys say about the wine? “Juicy, warm character, charming spiciness with delicious mouth watering acidity and some traces of green tea on the finish. Pleasant, entertaining wine with many hidden facets that will reveal themselves sip by sip.” Totally agree.

Craft Wine, by Amsterdam based company Go Good, is a bottle shop for distribution of authentic, natural and biodynamic wines. “Embracing much more than our own import we also offer fine wines imported by colleagues, partners and friends. All wines are produced by passionate winemakers recognizing the importance of terroir and the rules of nature.”

Amphora aged orange wine

Kristinus Wine Estate of Lake Balaton cultivates its vineyard according to biodynamic principles, and since Florian Zaruba, CEO started to manage the estate with the less intervention possible, Kristinus wines have their own character, they are unique and exciting. While we can find several “natural wines” which are simply faulty, with Kristinus wines it is not the case. The accurate work results clean and spotless wines, keeping their character as much as possible.

(Read our earlier article “No more gas masks” about the reasons behind the conversion of Kristinus).

Liquid Sunshine is made of Chardonnay and Szürkebarát (Pinot Gris). “Through this low intervention, natural wine, we wanted to show the taste of the sun shining above our vivid vineyards and the fresh, healthy grapes – we aimed to bottle the summer. This orange wine is made from beautiful, hand-picked Chardonnay and fermented on the skin in Amphora for 24 days. After pressing, we blended it with our stunning Szürkebarát orange wine and bottled it without filtration.”

More about Liquid Sunshine and other Kristinus wines

Since we are so desperate to get some sunshine in November, we chose Kristinus for Winery of the Week this week on our Facebook page.

Order Kristinus wines (including Liquid Sunshine) from Winelovers Webshop, they ship to every European country.

Kristinus Wine estate Balaton

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