Kristinus Kelet Cucée biodynamic estate Balaton Hungary

Kristinus Kelet – to celebrate our second chance

Orange wine from South Balaton

‘Kelet’ means ‘East’, the new beginning of a day. Easter is about the second chance of humanity, that we might have a life after life. Kristinus Wine Estate has begun its second life, a new sun rose when they started the conversion into biodynamic farming and got rid of chemicals. Kelet is a blend of Furmint, Zöld Veltelini (GV) and Sauvignon Blanc, a natural orange wine. To celebrate life!

Melting on the palate

Kristinus has changed everything. They replaced the machines spraying chemicals with sheep, the fancy restaurant with a slow food bistro working strictly with local producers and they even replaced the bottles. The unique shaped Kristinus bottles tell customers immediately that there is something different, something unconventional inside.
“Nice melting on the palate and very soft at the same time. A Orange wine that also tastes good to newcomers in the field.” – the description comes from Munich based Grape Times team. They also recommend to give some time to the wine in your glass to breathe and don’t drink it too cold.

How is Kelet Cuvée made

Grape varieties: Furmint 23%, Zöld Veltelini / Grüner Veltliner 25%, Sauvignon Blanc 52%
– Furmint: with full bunches on the skin for 4 weeks in Integrale French barrel, intense extraction, frequency of rotation decreased while malolactic fermentation, pressed and back to the French barrels for another 3 months.
– Grüner Veltliner: hand harvested, full bunch to the press, hand selection, whole cluster, 4-6 hours of  maceration, then the rest came in and was put into the press, was fermented and aged in amphora for 6 month.
– Sauvignon Blanc: destemmed and crushed, fermented and aged in big used barrels for 6 months.
Blended in stainless stell tank, bottled unfiltered.

Must have

Children, teetotalers, drivers, pregnant mothers – whatever is your reason to avoid alcohol, you can still enjoy the full flavours of 100% organic grape juice from a Demeter certified, biodynamic estate.
More about Kristinus and webshop

  • You can order Kristinus wines in Germany from Grape Times.

  • Kristinus wines are available in the Netherlands from Craft Wine.

  • EU: order Kristinus wines from Winelovers Webshop, they ship to every European country.

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