Love story in the wine hotel!

Kristinus Estate near Lake Balaton has every reason to be chosen for the most memorable moment of life: bistrot with creative kitchen, comfortable rooms with unique design, an in house wine cinema and of course wines that make you feel over the moon. The magnum bottle Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 is available only at the estate – just the proper amount for a man to propose the love of his life…

The sweetest answer

„Although we consider food and drink equally important, we give the home field advantage to our wine in that it takes the starring role in our menu: we match the dishes with our wine, not the other way around” – said about the vision of Gastro Bistrot. Among the 100 best Hungarian restaurants, among the best 10 Balaton restaurants, the 2nd best on South Balaton – a must-visit place using locally sourced, quality ingredients. No wonder a couple has chosen Gastro Bistrot recently for a proposal, and the ring was placed in the dessert (rosemary panna cotta and forest fruits). Of course the answer was yes…

Vinotel in a biodynamic estate

Kristinus has recently turned into a fully biodynamic estate, which is quite rare in Hungary – espacially among larger estates like Kristinus. (Soon we will dedicate an article to the conversion of Kristinus.) Of course being biodynamic means much more than avoiding chemical products in the vineyard, still it makes feel much better to spend the night in a place surrounded by vineyards, when you can be sure of the purity of the air. Kristinus estate is a wine hotel (=vinotel) as well with 10 rooms with cosy, heart warming interior. No wonder Kristinus Vinotel was selected the best wine hotel by Best of Budapest / Hungary magazine – plus it is an official Dog Friendly Hotel!

More about Kristinus Estate

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