More than a dinner – cross cultural experience at Kreinbacher Estate

Why to visit an estate at two hours’ drive from Budapest? Because of wines made of the indigenous Juhfark on volcanic soil. Or because they make absolutely top quality bottle fermented sparkling wine and have been awarded countless gold and platinum medals. And because their state-of-art estate building itself is worth a visit. Or because you can stay in one of the rooms of the estate for an unforgettable night. And finally, from now, because gastronomy has stepped up to a higher level with the arrival of a new chef, Gábor Langer.

Reduced number of ingredients

It is not the number of ingredients that makes a plate complex. Complexity can lie in the precise balance between the few elements. Purity and unique experience of flavours characterize the dishes created by Gábor Langer, who arrived in Somló wine region after 12 years of experience in the best kitchens (Dublin, Four Seasons*****, Michelin star Babel and Jankovich Kuria). The cuisine has a strong Hungarian emphasis with easy to understand dishes, and since operating in a winery, each plate is paired with a glass of wine or sparkling wine.

Terroir in the texture of the plate

And by plate we mean the plate itself, which carries the dish. The serving objects are selected carefully, and the plates are made by a ceramic studio called Error N’More. Ádám Csaba Szabó ceramic artist was inspired by the ultra modern and pure estate building, and his wood fire ceramics are adjusted to the pure cuisine of the new chef. All the plates are burnt twice, their shapes are irregular and the colours resemble the colours of nature– one of the plates even contains some ash of a vine of Somló.

A day in Somló

Kreinbacher Estate offers activities for a whole day. Breakfast with award winning méthod traditionnelle sparkling wines, visit of the winery, lunch with indigenous Somló wines, tasting in the afternoon, hike on the mountain, relaxing on the terrace of the hotel room enchanted by the sunset and dinner with the most complex wines of the winery – they have enough from magnum vintage sparkling wines to one of the few red wines of the region, a ’Birtokvörös’ blend and a Kreinbacher Syrah.

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