Tornai guest house, Somló mountain, Hungary

New guest house on volcanic Somló mountain

Tornai Winery can offer a new house for guests who prefer to stay longer in this magical place. The smallest wine region of Hungary is famous for its unique Juhfark grape, whereas Furmint and Hárslevelű are also important. Tornai is a family winery with countless award winning wines, an in site restaurant and they can also offer some rooms to stay. With this new house they can offer 4 rooms more.

“Bandi” guest house

The old pressing house was purchased in 1946 by Endre Tornai, the founder of the estate. The house has 4 rooms (for 2–4 people each) with bathroom, there is a kitchen-dining room and a relaxing room with glass wallto let in as much sunshine as possible. The former cellar hall is converted to a place for the guests to socialize. Come and visit Tornai, have a refreshing lunch made of seasonal, local ingredients, do not miss the cellar tour and the wine tasting and then stay in the old press house, enjoy the atmosphere of the former cellar with your friends (in the top right photo with Tamás Tornai, the owner of the winery).

Come as you want

Tornai Winery is one of the most equipped destinations for wine tourists in Hungary. You can charge your electric car and you can also rent a bike. For hikers a free map is provided to find the most beautiful paths of the mountain. The estate even has a wine museum with a collection of objects related to winemaking.

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