Only a few tickets left for Golden Villány tasting!

An exclusive walkabout tasting will take place tomorrow, on 11 October at Stefánia Palace in Budapest. Only medal winner wines from Hungary’s mediterranean wine region will be showcased. More than 20 wineries, more than 50 top wines in one place, with one ticket (it costs only 6000 HUF / 18 euros). Some of the exhibitors: Bock Cellar, Gere Attila Winery, Gere Tamás & Zsolt Winery, Sauska Villány, Vylyan Vineyard and Winery. Two masterclasses are conducted, one by István Ipacs-Szabó, winemaker of Vylyan, who is also one of the „brains” behind RedY, the new community brand of Villány. The easy going bistro wines aim to attract young wine drinkers, while the protagonist of the second masterclass, Villányi Franc is the embodiment of complexity and elegance from the terroir of Villány. 6-6 wines will be presented in both lectures, the masterclasses are free of charge, but registration is needed. One of the Villányi Francs to be introduced is Gere Attila Villányi Franc 2015 from Ördögárok vineyard. „Ripened fruits, anise, cinnamon, tobacco and toasted notes on the nose. Full bodied and velvety with soft tannins. The flavour profile is dominated by blackberry and sour cherry accompanied by sweetish coffee tones resulted from the small new barrels. An extremely layered wine with great ageing potential.”

Golden Villány, 11 October, 17.00–21.00
Stefánia Palota, Budapest (Stefánia st 34–36.)

More info and a few tickets


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