Bock Cellar old Syrah

Patience for Christmas

Aged rarities from Bock Cellar in limited quantity

Is there a better Christmas gift than giving time? Listening to your relative with full attention, playing games with your kid, helping your friends in need – time is the most valuable present of all. We don’t give enough time to the wines either, we drink them too young, humans are impatient by nature. Bock team managed to overcome their impatience and saved some aged wines from immediate consumption and now they are available in a very limited quantity.

This part of Bock webshop is available only in Hungarian, but if you are interested, contact the team:


Webshop with the aged Bock wines

Visiting a sacred spot

I have been in the wine business for nearly two decades, but I had never been to the original cellar of Bock family in Villány. Until this November – as a guest of the Franc & Franc conference, my hosts took me and some foreign wine experts to this small, old cellar in the mountain. Dusty bottles lay there in neat rows in dark and silence. We tasted a nearly 30 year old Portugieser – well, in fact it is labelled Oportó, since this indigenous variety used to have the name Oportó or Kékoportó, but due to EU regulations now we have to name it Portugieser. The wine was surprisingly vivid – once again, thanks, Bock team for this unforgettable experience.

Magnifico – a majestic wine

The available aged wines now (only before Christmas):

Bock Syrah 2006 (instead of 57 240 HUF for only 51 500 HUF)

Bock Capella 2006 (instead of 74 000 HUF for only 61 600 HUF)

Bock Magnifico 2008 (instead of 71 640 HUF for only 64 500 HUF)

Magnifico is a 100% Merlot wine made only in exceptional vintages. In 2008 budding and blooming began later than usual. Summer was hot and humid, which made the ripening process faster. September arrived with some rain, but all in all the autumn was long and ideal for harvesting outstanding crop.

The winemaker wanted to emphasize its particular quality through its name, naming it after Il Magnifico Lorenzo Medici. “It is matured in new barrique barrels for 24 months. Its appearance and deep, dark colour incorporate every endowment of the year and the terroir. Its superabundant flavour and aroma tend toward milk chocolate, sour cherries steeped in rum, prunes and tobacco. Recommended with chocolate desserts, a cigar and very special moments.”
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Bock Kékoportó Villány 1992 (on the left)
Bock original cellar

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