Price-value blind tasting winner: Feind Irsai Olivér 2022

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There is an amazing association in Hungary: some “average” citizens united led by Tamás Kardos to test more and more food products and to publish the results. They have been working and evaluating rigorously for 6 years, the result of this year’s work is a book with the top products in 68 categories. Feind Irsai Olivér 2022 has won the Irsai tasting this year. Taste it in Feind Wine Bar in Balatonfőkajár, only an hour’s drive from Budapest.

Hungarian Price-Value Research Association

The website is in Hungarian, but google can help. Especially if you stay longer in Hungary, we highly recommend you to click on ‘TESZTEK’ (Tests), the photos can help. You will see that the team evaluates basically everything from canned pineapple to breadcrumbs. You will see the name and the price of the winner products and also the name of the shopswhere you can buy them. The Association also explains the tasting-evaluating process in detail.

Among other food products they examine the most popular types of wines, many varietal wines like the above mentioned Irsai Olivér wines. The Association claims that they are not wine experts, they evaluate the wines from the aspect of the average consumer.

The winner of the Irsai Olivér test of 26 wines

All the tasted wines are available in the major super- or hypermarket chains of Hungary and all of them are under 2000 HUF / 5,2 EUR.

The 3rd wine is Garamvári Irsai Olivér 2022 (Balatonboglár wine region), the 2nd one is Bock Irsai Olivér 2022 (Villány). The winner is Feind Irsai Olivér 2022. As the team commented:

“Fresh, complex floral nose with honey. Harmonious, easy drinking wine. Complex aromas, refreshing, youthful. The experience of the taste is quite long and its aftertaste features some new notes of peach and elderflower.”

See the full list of tasted wines

Nagy irsai olivér borteszt

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