Type of the wine: White, sweet
Grape variety: Rhein Riesling 100%
Acidity / alcohol content: N/A g/l 12%
Terroir, vineyard:  KUNSÁGI WINE REGION
Training system:  ‘Happy grape’ (SEE AT KOCH WINERY)
Harvest: Hand harvested
Technology:  Fermented and aged in small wooden barrel.
Quality level:  KOCH ‘Prémium’
Temperature:  8 – 10 °C
Food pairing:  DESSERTS
Available quantity:  1.370 Bottles
Retail price:  5000 HUF / 16–17 EUROS
Story:  The Ice Wine was made of Rhine Riesling, which was harvested on December 20, 2007 when the temperature dropped to –7 Celsius. By this times the berries were shrivelled and due to frost ice crystals were formed within the berries, which did not get into the grape juice when being pressed. The grape juice flew very slowly from the berries, which became outstandingly aromatic and fruity.


Dark tones, almost the colour of the ancient gold. A really special wine to be the last course of a dinner. The fruity nose reveals the wonderful balance of apricot, hazelnut, almond and acacia honey.

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