Type of the wine: Red, dry
Grape variety: 100% Merlot
Acidity / alcohol content: 5,8 g/l 12,5%
Terroir, vineyard:  Szekszárd wine region
Training system:  NA
Harvest: NA
Technology:  Manual bunch selection followed by berry selection. Fermented reductively in stainless steel and then matured for 12 months in oak barrels.
Quality level:  Premium level
Temperature:  13-14 °C
Available quantity:  NA BOTTLES
Retail price:  3200 HUF / 9 EUROS
Awards:  Szekszárd Regional Wine Contest – gold medal, 2019
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Even at first sight it seems to be a wine that one has to show respect to. It is robust, dark and rounded.A little bit rough on the outside, while the fragrance is slightly held back, but deep.A great wine. It shows in the sip why greatness is enjoyable – there are fruits in it, dried fruits, jam and fully riped blackberry, followed by plum, but one can also find a layer of chocolate, and honey tasting creaminess. It plays hard to get, the bar- rel still has a lot to offer – nevertheless it opens up nicely in the glass, and can still mature in the bottle for a long time. First a glass alongside your meal, then one or two after it – it is a whole evening experience.

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