Tie mania


Type of the wine: White, Dry
Grape variety:  100% Rhine Riesling
Sugar / Alcohol / Acidity:  Dry / 6.3 g/l / 13.0 % / 6.3 g /l
Terroir, vineyard:  The wine is a blend of different vineyards (Kezdet, Püspök udvar, Püspökkert, Magány). The grapes are exclusively from South–South-West lying vineyards cultivated by Villa Sandahl.
Training system: Medium–high cordon, short pruning. Serious yield control: 1.5 kg / vine on the average. Hand harvest, harvest date is adjusted to full phenolic ripeness (13–20 October).
Technology: – Fermentation at controlled, low temperature (starting with 6 °C and closing with 15 °C).
– Whole bunch pressing.
– A blend of the 3rd fraction of pressings (from different Rhine Riesling parcels).
– Yeast selected for Rhine Riesling is used.
– Slow fermentation of 3 months in stainless steel vats (from pressing until bottling).
Quality level:  This wine belongs to the ‘Solid ground’ level, which is our entry grade.
Temperature:  12 – 15 °C
Food pairing:  Fish, spicy Asian meat and pasta dishes.
Available quantity:  2700 bottles
Retail price:  Webshop retail price: 2700 HUF. / Take away retail price in cellar: 2600 HUF / 7-8 Euros
Story:  100% natural cork closure. The labels are designed by one of the owners, Christer Sandahl, and he introduces a new, unique concept year by year, the labels are never repeated. Each label of vintage 2016 depicts a moment of the brothers’ Asian round trip, Tie mania refers to Christer’s existing passion for ties.
Imported to: Sweden, Italy


Its pale golden colour anticipates a young wine, however, the nose reveals a bottle aged, matured wine typical of vintage 2016. A true Rhine Riesling abundant in aromas, complemented with green apple, floral and citrus notes. Its minerality lingers on. The palate impresses the taster with its balance again and again: sugar and acidity in perfect harmony. A complex wine.

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