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Raspberry hit

Gere Rosé Cuvée & ChocoMe Raspberry Raffinee

Gere Rosé Cuvée has been sold out from the winery ultra quickly, however, do not worry, the Villány rosé is still available at A. Gere partners, for example at Bortársaság. Try it with the ChocoMe raspberry delicacy, a high quality, refreshing treat from a devoted chocolate manufacture.

The rosé

A. stands for Attila, the founder, but also his daughter Andrea and his son Attila junior. With the second generation the quality of this pioneer winery remained the “usual” high, and the range of products grew with some exciting newcomers, like Grapelove cosmetics and chocolate products.
Rosé Cuvée is one of the most popular products of the winery (see webshop “sold out). It is based on Pinot Noir and Kékfrankos, the grape came from vineyards from both parts of Villány wine region (Villány and Siklós), from rather old vines, harvested in August.
Rose hue with purple tones. Ripe fruit, mainly raspberry and strawberry dominate the nose. Refreshing, vibrant acidity, juicy fruits on the palate. The crispy red berry fruits (with some black cherry and plum) linger on for a long time.
Available at Bortársaság

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The sweets

ChocoMe was founded by Gábor Mészáros, a man who decided to take chocolate seriously: when he made his first steps in the world of cocoa beans, he made them in the cocoa plantations in the Caribbean to select the best growers. “With the aim of deep-rooted understanding of the source and origins I needed to know how to unlock the sensorial richness of the cocoa bean. The best idea was to look up the farmers, the experts of cocoa and acquire a lot of knowledge from them. One of the most exciting adventure has begun in my life.”
ChocoMe Raspberry Raffinee is freeze-dried raspberry in basil & white chocolate coating. It was created to pair with Rosé Frici, the aerated sparkling wine of the estate, but it makes an exciting pairing with the classic rosé, too.

Available at A. Gere Webshop

A Gere ChocoMe raspberry
Attila Gere family
Gere Attila Winery is now called Gere A Winery – referring to the initial of not only Attila, but daughter Andrea and son Attila as well

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