Sparkling wine festival in Budapest

Sándor Petőfi, the renowned poet and an importnt character of the revolution of 1848–49 must have popped in this event to cheer with a glass of bubbly. He liked wine, it is clearly known from his poems. Now his statue stands in Március 15. square near the River Danube, where Kiosk bistro is situated. This trendy place will host Borjour Spark!, a sparkling tasting on 13–14 August. The two day event will feature every type of bubbled wines: champagne, cava, prosecco and certainly Hungarian sparkling wines. About 30 different bottle fermented sparkling wines will be available, and the entrance fee is only the purchase of a glass (1500 HUF). Wine samples are to be paid directly at the exhibitors’ booths.

Elegance dressed in pink

One of the Hungarian sparkling wines not to miss is Teleki Tradíció 1881 Pinot Noir Rosé Brut, the first méthode traditionnelle sparkling wine of Csányi Winery in Villány. László Romsics used to be the chief winemaker of Törley, thus sparkling has always been a passion for him. As the CEO of Csányi Winery it was important for him to prove that the mediterranean Villány is able to produce elegant, ethereal sparkling wine from Pinot Noir. He was right.

“Elegant, pale colour of peach with fine bubbles. Intense, complex nose with peach, orange and subtle yeast with some citrus notes. On the palate finely woven texture, firm structure, crystal clear flavours. Fresh, vibrant acidity makes the sparkling wine vivacious and refreshing, enhancing the fruity character. Ethereal, feather light with tiny, melting bubbles. Perfect harmony. Taste it slowly finding pleasure in every sip.”

More about the event (in Hungarian, if you need help, write to us)

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Hungary is one of the safest counries regarding COVID–19, but before travelling check this website.


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