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We still have a week until Christmas, and if the wines arrive next week, they will also warm you up in the whole Christmas holiday. Winelovers Webshop has probably the largest selection of Hungarian wines with more than 1700 wines from 220 wineries. Check out shipment costs here. In a recent article Borászportál, the online wine magazine of Winelovers Webshop we could learn about the spicy nature of certain black grapes and their wines. Let us introduce 3 spices with 3 wines!

Black Pepper – Eszterbauer Grand

One of our most popular spices, black pepper appears on the nose of certain varieties like Syrah, Grenach or Sangiovese due to the “piperin”, a chemical compound. Black pepper aromas are positive in a wine review unlike green pepper aromas, which are typical of unripened Cabernet wines.
Eszterbauer Grand 2017, Szekszárd
Winelovers Wine Awards international wine contest took place in June and the results were announced in July. The best red wine of the competition is Eszterbauer Grand 2017 from Szekszárd with the highest score: 92 points. ‘Grand’ is the top red blend of Szekszárd producers only in the best vintages with at least 25% Kékfrankos in the blend (with Cabernet Sauvignon, Franc and Merlot in Eszterbauer Grand). Eszterbauer Grand is a very special wine – it places the crown on a sumptuous Sunday meal.
Noble, subtle nose showing elegant barrel notes, ripened red fruits and black pepper. A layered, deep, concentrated and balanced wine with plum, cherry, aour cherry and dark chocolate.
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Eszterbauer Grand Szekszárd

Clove – Koch Premium Cabernet Sauvignon

Clove is a typical “sweet spice” adding the sensation of sweetness in the wine. Eugenol is a phenol compound present both in the clove and the oak, therefore wines with significant oak ageing usually bear some clove notes.
Koch Cabernet Sauvignon Premium 2012, Hajós–Baja
The winery’s vineyard has an ideal location, and the low yield from the relatively high number of vines gave the best quality fruit which matured for a long time in oak barrel and bottle to reach its really premium quality. A 10 year old wine with wonderful, exciting aromas, sweet spices – mainly clove – and flavours. Velvety tannins make the experience of tasting this wine complete.
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Koch Premium Cabernet Sauvignon Villány

Cinnamon – Günzer Ördögárok 2017

One of the most popular Christmas spices, cinnamon contains ethyl cinnamate, an “ester” that is present in many wines. Certainly cinnamon notes can come from the toasting of the oak barrel as well.
Günzer Ördögárok 2017, Villány
A single vineyard wine from ‘Ördögárok’ (‘The Devil’s Dench’) made of Merlot (60 %), Cabernet Franc (30 %) and Cabernet Sauvignon (10 %). It is made only in exceptional vintages like 2017. The varieties are harvested and fermented in different occasions but malolactic fermentation takes place after blending. The wine is aged in new and used Hungarian oak for 24 barrels. After the blending of the barrels a few more months of ageing takes place in stainless steel and it is released after another year in bottle. Ripened red fruits and sweet spices are abundant in the wine – a typical Christmas wine.

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Günzer Ördögárok Villány

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