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Szeleshát Estate

Szeleshát – estate on a windy hilltop

Szeleshát is a single vineyard, has its own microclimate. These southern faced slopes warm up easily because they are located between the Hungarian Great Plain and the Geresd hillside. There is a constant wind on the top of Szeleshát, because the hot dry air from the great plain mixed with the cool air from the hillside area. Szeles-hát means in Hungarian „windy hilltop”. Every part of Szeleshát is in the best official vineyard category.
Our family discovered this fully abandoned area with a very high potential for top quality vine
s growing at the southern part of Szekszárd wine region, exactly at Szeles-hát. The plantation of the grapes was finished in 2019, the family estate is 57 ha at the very same place.
The mostly grown varieties are
Kékfrankos, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Our wines are made with the most modern technologies in a very respective way of the old traditions. We age our red wines in small oak barrels at old traditional wine cellars for at least 6 months. Our purpose is to make balanced, rich flavoured, unique terroir wines only made at Szeleshát vineyard.

Mihály, dr. Konkoly

commercial director

Address: 7140 Bátaszék-Lajvér, Hegyalja street 2.


Szekszárdi Bikavér 2017

Trying to perfect our first vintage of bikavér blend. That was the drive while making this wine and this vintage made this possible. Szekszárdi Bikavér, an iconical wine of the region is always based on Kékfrankos and Kadarka varieties. Our Bikavér wines contain 45% Kékfrankos, 5% Kadarka and we used Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot for this wine.

Tábornok 2017

Limited edition, only in extraordinary vintages with a special handcrafted fermentation method. It has a particular style, it is the top Kékfrankos of the estate. It was aged for 12 months in new Hungarian 225 litre oak barrels. The name means „General” is referring to a very high rank and the wine is also a salute to the 13 martyrs of Arad.


K2 2017

One of the most important grape varieties in our estate is Kékfrankos. This Central-European variety was fermented in stainless steel tank followed by 6 months barrel ageing for the 50% of the total amount. After a very strict judgement of the Szekszárd panel of winemakers, we were allowed to fill this Kékfrankos into the special bottle of Szekszárd.


Nomád 2017

This Merlot selection is only made in the best vintages. The fully ripe grape was harvested by hand, fermented in tanks, then the wine was aged for 12 months in new Hungarian barrique barrels. We selected the best barrels and made a very limited amount of bottled wined. The name „Nomad” is referring to the importance of finding a home.


Nyék 2017

Cabernet Sauvignon selection aged in new Hungarian oak for 12 months. The name refers to the ancient name of the hill and the town where Szeleshát is located. Only made from excellent vintages. The highest quality and small amount of bottles.


Oroszlán 2017

One of the rarest blends at our winery. Cabernet Sauvignon based blend with Merlot, Kékfrankos and Pinot Noir. After the traditional fermenting process, it was aged in new Hungarian oak for 12 months. Oroszlán in Hungarian means „Lion”.


Monopol 2017

The reunification of Szeleshát vineyard and the perfect vintage provided an opportunity for the estate’s flagship wine. The wine is a dense and concentrated Bordeaux blend aged in new barriques for 12 months.


Gubac 2018

The 1.5 hectare Gubac vineyard is a hilly area located in the southernmost part of the Szekszád hills. In this monopol we cultivate only Merlot, that really enjoys this microclimate. 2018 is the first bottled vintage, it was hand harvested and stainless steel tank fermented. 60% was aged in new Hungarian barrels for 18 months.

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