The BOLDEST and BALDEST winemaking guys

Challenges bring some excitement to our lives in lockdown. Some of them are easy (find and post a photo of yours from your childhood), some of them are more sophisticated (reproduce a painting) and some of them require a good deal of courage – like the one among young Hungarian (and as we were informed, among Romanian) winemakers. Cutting all your hair and become bald is definitely an experience worth trying, and these weeks are ideal to hide away if the outcome is not suitable for public. It was initiated by Misi Figula, and it “spreads” among JUNIBOR members mostly. In Hungary there is some peaceful fight attached to the challenge, too: it is not a coincidence that a winemaker of the Bikavér (aka Bull’s Blood) producing Eger wine region challenges the other Bikavér producing region, Szekszárd. Most challenges are accepted, so here is Csaba Vesztergombi from Szekszárd (challenged by Tibor Gál from Eger) – with his new hairdo, or rather with the lack of it. Of course he did not miss the occassion to mention that Bikavér originates in Szekszárd, not in Eger – a dispute that will never end. So if you see many Hungarian winemakers without hair, do not be afraid, it is not a misterious epidemic, it is just male virtue – and some fun to cheer all of us.

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