The solution of our rosé quiz

  1. Which of these winemakers makes rosé wine of Nero grape variety, a resistant hybrid?

A, Eszterbauer            B, Dúzsi           C, Attila Gere

János Eszterbauer in Szekszárd wine region makes a rosé of Nero. He is not the only one, Csaba Koch in Kunság also makes a Nero rosé.

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  1. Who is called ’The Rosé King’?

A, Szepsy               B, Dúzsi           C, Attila Gere

Tamás Dúzsi in Szekszárd region is often named as The Rosé King. And he deserves this title: he makes rosé wines with the greatest care and attention, he does not treat them ’side products’. Plus he has a wide range of rosé wines of different varieties.

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  1. Which winery makes its rosé in cooler climate, of Pinot Noir?

A, Eszterbauer             B, Etyeki Kúria             C, Garamvári

Eszterbauer is in Szekszárd, south of Hungary, Garamvári is also situated on the south of lake Balaton, whereas Etyeki Kúria is located in Etyek, near Budapest, in the north part of Hungary and they also have vineyards in Sopron – again in the north. Their rosé made of Pinot Noir and Kékfrankos is amazing!

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  1. Which winery makes a rosé of indigenous Kadarka grape?

A, Gere Tamás & Zsolt            B, Garamvári               C, Gere Attila

’Kisasszony’ (in English ’Little Miss’) is a rosé made of 100% Kadarka in Villány wine region by Zsolt Gere, the son of Tamás Gere.

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  1. Which winery produces an areated sparkling wine rosé called Frici?

A, Gere Tamás & Zsolt            B, Csányi Winery / Teleki Brand         C, Gere Attila

Attila Gere, the iconic Villány winemaker has two areated sparkling wines, a rosé and a white Frici (Frici is a short version of the first names Ferenc or Frigyes, but it can stand for the Italian term ’frizzante’).

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  1. Which winery made its first bottle fermented sparkling wine last year?

A, Garamvári               B, Csányi Winery / Teleki Brand.        C, Gere Tamás & Zsolt

Csányi Winery made its first bottle fermented sparkling wine last year. Teleki Tradíció Brut is made of 100% Pinot Noir, and it is a fruity, ethereal, complex and elegant sparkling wine.

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  1. Which winery makes a rosé blend with a label with a portrait of a young girl?

A, Eszterbauer                         B, Frittmann.                           C, Bock

Frittmann Winerymakes a crispy, fruity, fresh rosé – as charming as its label! Anita Frittmann, a young member of the family found the paintings which have been used since then for some wines of the Frittmanns.

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  1. Which winery has a sister winery in Argentina and another one in California?

A, Haraszthy.                           B, Koch                        C, Borbély

It’s Haraszty Winery in Etyek! If you visit them, you will have a chance to taste wines of the sister wineries as well. Their rosé is made of Pinot Noir and won several awards.

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  1. Who makes a rosé with a guitar on the label (of Syrah, Kékfrankos and Pinot Noir)?

A, Haraszthy                            B, Borbély                   C, Bock

It’s Bock Cellar, and the wine is called Bock ’n Roll. There is an annual Bock & Roll event as well in Villány, at the cellar, with plenty of music of course.

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  1. Which winery produces a bottle fermented rosé spakling wine called Evolution?

A, Garamvári                    B, Borbély,                  C, Haraszthy

Vencel Garamvári was a pioneer in many aspects, for example he made a bottle fermented sparkling wine of Furmint. He has a wide portfolio of sparkling wines, and Evolution rosé is an unmissable wine of his range.

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