The winners of the 3rd Hungarian Wine Grand Prix

Tóth Ferenc Egri Leányka Superior 2016 from Eger and Luka Enikő Kékfrankos 2015 have been selected the white and red winners of the 3rd Hungarian Wine Grand Prix (Magyar Bor Nagydíj 2018). The prestige of the prize is very high because the wines are selected by the most respected winewriters of Hungary – the Circle of Hungarian Wine Writers. 

The strict judges

Circle of Hungarian Wine Writers was founded in 2016, the editor of this site (Ágnes Németh) is a founder as well. The aim of the Circle is to protect fair writers and media and act together when some unfair behaviour appears. The winewriters work to maintain and improve quality winewriting, discuss topics of professional terms of wine description, organize professional trips, conferences. Hungarian Wine Grand Prix has been organized since the foundation. The selection begins with the nomination period: the winewriters nominate wines individually to create a list of 12 white and 12 red wines in several nomination rounds. The wines should be from the last 5 vintages, „meet the highest consumers’ requirements and international standards”. The 24 nominated wines are tasted twice by two commitees. This year most of the wines came from Eger (6), Tokaj (4) and Szekszárd (3). 5 wineries have been selected every year for the ’Super 12’ lists, these are: Balla Géza (Wine Princess), Holdvölgy, Kovács Nimród Winery, St. Andrea, Thummerer Winery.

The winners of the 3rd Hungarian Wine Grand Prix

„Golden colour wine moving fresh and young in the glass. Late harvest characteristic on the nose; quince, dried apricot, peeled apple and dates. Its very exciting character shows off on the palate as well. Same fruits as on the nose however the dominant acids overwrite the sweetish taste. However, at the background we feel the gentle stroking of alcohol sweetness complemented by vanilla flavour in the aftertaste. Very long finish.”

The flagship wine of the variety, the grape comes from Steiner vineyard. As Enikő Luka, the owner and winemaker says: 2018 was the Year of Kékfrankos, but for us every year is the year of this variety”. Sour cherry and cherry notes with a gentle touch of oak.

The ’Super 12’ list of white wines (in alphabetical order)  

  • Dobosi Winery Háromszög Olaszrizling 2016, Balatonfüred–Csopak
  • Figula Winery Száka Olaszrizling 2015, Balatonfüred–Csopak
  • Gallay Artisan Cellar Pince Nyékládháza Zenit 2015, Bükk
  • Holdvölgy Expression Tokaji Hárslevelű Becsek 2015, Tokaj
  • Káli Kövek Rajnai Rizling Szentantalfa 2016, Balatonfüred–Csopak
  • Kovács Nimród Winery Nagy-Eged Furmint 2015, Eger
  • Pajzos Winery Tokaji Hárslevelű 2015, Tokaj
  • Tokaj Nobilis Szőlőbirtok Barakonyi Furmint 2015, Tokaj
  • Tornai Winery Top Selection Aranyhegy Juhfark 2016, Somló
  • Tóth Ferenc Winery Egri Leányka Superior 2016, Eger
  • Szászi Estate Badacsonyi Rózsakő 2017, Badacsony
  • Szepsy Winery Úrágya Tokaji Furmint 2015, Tokaj

The ’Super 12’ list of red wines (in alphabetical order)

  • Balla Géza Sziklabor Feketeleányka & Cabernet Franc 2015 (Ménes, Transylvania, Romania
  • Bock Cellar Villányi Merlot Special Reserve 2013, Villány
  • Eszterbauer WineryNagyapám Kadarka 2017, Szekszárd
  • Gere Attila Winery Fekete Járdovány 2016, Villány
  • Janos von Beőthy Csobánc-hegy Petit Rhone 2013, Badacsony
  • Luka Winery Kékfrankos 2015, Sopron
  • Mészáros Wine House Bodzási Kékfrankos Prémium 2015, Szekszárd
  • Andrea Nagykadarka Nagy-Eged Grand Superior 2016, Eger
  • Stumpf Winery Nagy-Eged Öregtőkék Kékfrankos 2015, Eger
  • Schieber Winery Patina Cabernet Franc 2013, Szekszárd
  • Tóth Ferenc Winery Kékfrankos Superior Tornyos 2013, Eger
  • Thummerer Winery Egri Bikavér Grand Superior 2015, Eger



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