Therapy with wine & horse

Wine tourism should be much more than having a tasting room where visitors can taste. If tourists can find activities for the whole day around the winery, they are much likely visit. Thummerer Winery in Eger has something unique to offer: apart from visiting the amazing cellar carved into the mountain, tasting their award winning wines, enjoying a dinner in their guest house, the Thummerers offer horse riding as well! We have programs for children and adult riders, competition and recreational riders. We also have therapeutic riding for children with behavioral challenges.” Plus you can bring your own horse, no problem! Of course the family’s main focus is still wine, their Vili Papa Cuvée is obligatory to taste, it is the favourite wine of many keen winelovers. Vili Papa (’Uncle Willy’) stands for the founder, Vilmos Thummerer, who was selected Winemaker of the Year in 1995. Vili Papa Cuvée is a Bordeaux blend with extremely dark ruby colour. „Very intense on the nose with rich fruitiness and spices. A notable extract sweetness on the palate. Velvety tannins, long, exciting finish. It has a potential of around 20 years.”
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