Bock fekete-hegy Villány

This wine was…wowza. Wow wow wow.

Bock Cabernet Franc 2015 and other beauties

Andrea Lemieux wine writer was more than impressed by the Top 12 Cabernet Franc wines she tasted in Villány in August. For those, who are interested, the next great opportunity to taste ‘Villányi Franc’ is Franc & Franc on 19–20 November. Save the date!


The wow wine

Andrea was part of the Hungarianwines study tour since she won one of the categories of the 4th Hungarian WebWineWriting contest. The last day of the study tour took our group to Villány, where the producers pampered the guests with an amazing line up: the winners of local wine competition to select the best examples of varietal Cabernet Franc wines of Villány. Her No1 was the one by Bock Cellar:

Aged for 12 months in large oak barrels and then (by the time we opened it) and additional five years in the bottle. This wine was…wowza. Wow wow wow. Elegant and rich with complex aromas. At first whiff it was black fruits and black olive. Then cedar wood, cigar box, brown spices, and pepper. Big, tannic, and muscular on the palate with intense blackberry, black cherry, olive, spice, and tobacco. Long finish. Not gonna lie. I went back for more.

More about Bock Cellar and the wines

Read Andrea Lemieux’s full article about the tasting and more

Save the date: 19–20 November, Franc & Franc

The 6th annual Villány wine event is coming closer again. In 2015 guest producers from the Loire valley presented wines along with the Hungarian winemakers. Since then the conference and tasting has become a reference event of the variety with renowned wine experts every year. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste classic, premium and super premium Cabernet Francs from Villány, with the interpretation of professionally recognized experts. 19 November is the “Forum” – the day of masterclasses, while 20 November is the day of the tasting – more than 30 wineries will present their wines in 5 different locations including Csányi Winery, Gere A Winery, Gere Tamás & Zsolt Winery, Heumann Winery or Vylyan Vineyard and Winery.

The 2021 edition will feature two masterclasses:

Demetri Walters MW will present Old World Cabernet Franc wines, while

Peter McCombie MW will focus on New World examples of the variety.

Within the framework of an exciting experiment, guests will experience the effect various „green works” in the vineyard have had on the wines. Participants will also gain an insight into the gastronomy of Villány wine region through a tasting.

Tickets for the conference are sold out, but there are some limited places for professionals. If you are interested, write to us!

Tickets for the tasting day (different coloured buses will carry participants from one place to the other, no difference between the buses, colours are just to remember which bus to take)

Villány Franc & Franc 2021

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