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Top 12 Villányi Franc

Villány wine region announced the result of the 6th Villányi Franc Selection. The blind tasting was held earlier in September, and normally the top 12 is revealed in November at Franc& Franc conference, however this year the event was cancelled. Therefore Villány decided to announce the result on 4 December, since it is the International Cabernet Franc Day. The chosen wines will represent Villányi Franc all over the world at different events. The jury members are Villány winemakers with great tasting experience and some independent wine experts. If you want to taste a Villány Franc, you can bravely choose any of these 12 wines!


1) TAMÁS LELOVITS Villányi Cabernet Franc 2018

2) PÉTER BAKONYI Siklós Cabernet Franc 2018

3) CSÁNYI WINERY Villányi Cabernet Franc 2018

4) AGANCSOS WINERY Capitalis Villányi Franc 2017

5) SZENDE CELLAR Kopár Villányi Franc 2017

6) TAMÁS GÜNZER Bocor Villányi Franc 2017

7) SAUSKA Villányi Franc Siklós 2017

8) GERE TAMÁS & ZSOLT WINERY Villányi Franc 

9) RUPPERT BORHÁZ Villányi Franc 2016

10) TAMÁS RICZU Villányi Franc 2017

11) GERE ATTILA WINERY Villányi Franc 2017 

12) BOCK CELLAR Villányi Franc Fekete-hegy Selection 2015

 “A memorable finish”

One of these top 12 wines I had the chance to taste is the Villányi Franc of Gere Tamás & Zsolt Winery. I was amazed by the elegance and the complexity of the wine. This Cabernet franc fermented in stainless steel for 2 months and matured in Hungarian and French oak for 16 months (20% new oak, different size barrels). The wine was released after one year bottle ageing. The editor in chief of Pécsi Borozó wine magazine, Zoltán Győrffy published a detailed article in Hungarian, and he wrote the following of this wine (summarizing the opinion of the jury): The nose is abundant is ripened fruits, mainly blackcurrant, blueberry and spices. On the palate some earthy notes with plenty of berry fruits. Smart use of the barrel, balance. Black cherry, punch and dark chocolate. Long and memorable finish.” Well said. I tasted in the summer, and I still remember!

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top 12 villanyi franc

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