Warsaw tasting with Préselő, Teleki and Barta wines

Tokaj & Villány tasting in Warsaw on 26 May

Kociolek i Wino is a wine shop and bistro with home made Hungarian dishes. The owner, Ewa Hangel is passionate about Hungarian wines and she is constantly looking for new and interesting wines. At this event guests can taste white, rose and red from Csányi Winery (Villány), dry white from Barta Winery (Mád, Tokaj) and a sweet rarity from Préselő Winery (Erdőbénye, Tokaj). “The weather is so capricious these days, once it is hot, the other day it is cold, it can make us crazy. The only way to survive is to grab a glass of wine” – says Ewa and invites winelovers to the tasting.

Date and time: 26 May 2023, 19.00–22.00
Location: Kociolek i Wino, ul. Kajki 68a, Warsaw, Poland
Price: 65 PLN / person and it includes the tasting of 5 wines, snacks and a warm dish
Registration: 00 48 517599595 or 00 48 506144629
E mail: biuro@kociolkowanie.pl


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Szamorodni – the Polish connection

Préselő Winery from Erdőbénye village in Tokaj will be represented by a Tokaji Szamororodni. Szamorodni is an ancient style in Tokaj, in many ways similar to Tokaji Aszú – usually sweet (though it can be dry as well) and it contains botrytised berries. However, there is a significant difference: botrytised and not botrytised berries are picked together, “as it was grown” (not separately like for Tokaji Aszú). The term “as it was grown” is “Samozrodzony” in Polish – and we kept the name.

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