Top selling Hungarian white wines for Easter holiday

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Easter is here, we do not really have time for webshop orders especially from remote countries – but we will have time to browse all the best selling offers and order them without hassle after the holidays. Let us introduce you some of the best selling white wines in spring on Winelovers Webshop.

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1. Furmint

The flagship white variety of Hungary is one of the most popular ones, Winelovers Wenshop mentions Szepsy Furmint 2018, Grand Tokaj Tokaji Furmint 2018 and Holdvölgy Meditation Furmint 2019.

Holdvölgy Meditation Furmint has just won gold medal at Berliner Wine Trophy, a remarkable wine indeed. The fifth release of a parcel selected Furmint from the historical first growth Király. On the nose spicy pear and lots of citrus along an exciting duo of green apples and cedar. The sip is endless, green apple is completed with passion fruit, lime and some pink grapefruit. A firm and serious balance in this crystal-clear, carefully selected Furmint.

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Holdvölgy winery Tokaj
Holdvölgy winery building in Mád, Tokaj

2. Juhfark

This indigenous variety is almost totally restricted to Somló, a small volcanic mountain, the smallest wine region of Hungary. Winelovers Webshop sells well Somlói Apátsági Pince Juhfark 2019, Kreinbacher Nagy-Somlói Juhfark 2020 and Fekete Pince Juhfark 2018.

Fekete Pince Juhfark 2018 has lemon colour with greenish shades. “Restraint nose with floral notes and freshly cut green grass. The palate presents intense mineral, herbal, salty and flint stone notes. A lovely terroir wine!”

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Fekete Cellar Somló
The founder, Béla Fekete (on the right)

3. Olaszrizling

The most widely planted white variety of Hungary, a most versatile variety: it can be consumed fresh and young but it also has great ageing potential in barrel. Winelovers Webshop mentions the following Olaszrizling wines as some of their top selling wines: Figula Olaszrizling 2021, Dobosi BIO Háromszög Olaszrizling 2019 and Dubicz Sárhegy Olaszrizling 2018.

Dubicz Sárhegy Olaszrizling 2018 has straw yellow colour. Matured wine with refined barrel notes on the nose. The outstanding quality of the grape is easy to discover – it deserves barrel ageing. The body and the acidity is in fine balance. The wine is elegant thanks to the ageing in new oak for a few months.

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More information about Furmint, Juhfark, Olaszrizling and other Hungarian grape varieties here.

Dubicz Mátra Olaszrizling
Dubicz Sárhegy Olaszrizling from Mátra wine region

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