Vilmos Thummerer passes away

Winemaker of the Year 1995 RIP

On the 21st of December, the iconic winemaker of Eger wine region returned to his ancestors at the age of 78. “Vili Papa” (something like “Uncle Vili”) – as he was known is a huge loss for the whole wine community of Hungary.

Thummerer Winery is a family estate founded in 1984 when they first started grape cultivation and wine making.

Vilmos Thummerer was the first winemaker of Eger wine region to win the prestigious title: Winemaker of the Year 1995.

In 2011 the estate won the other most prestigious title: Winery of the Year.

The winery is famous for its Bikavér wines, while Thummerer Egri Csillag proves that the winery makes superb entry level wines as well. The beautiful cellar carved in the soft volcanic tuff rock is worth a visit in itself. The family has a restaurant in Noszvaj with a couple of rooms, warm hospitality and delicious dishes. Recreation with horses also plays a significant role at Thummerer estate.

Our deepest sympathies to the family.

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