Vote for a young winemaker!

Vote for a young winemaker!

It has been a tradition since 2006 that the Gál Tibor Award is announced during the Ball of Hungarian Wines (24 February). Tibor Gál was an exceptional oenologist and winemaker from Eger and played a key role in modern-day Hungarian wine history, we can find his name even in international professional literature. His tragic early death is still painful for the whole society – he died in a car accident in South Africa. Recipients of the Winemaker of the Year Award and Winemaker’s Winemaker Award recommend a winemaker from their wine region to whom the proper attention has not been paid before. Recommended names are posted on the organisers’ website and Facebook page and audience can vote for them. Kata Zsirai (in the picture) is one of the 11 nominees. As all the other talented young winemakers, she deserves a vote for sure!

Vote here (the voting page is in English, click on ’Szavazok’, which means Vote)

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