Wine bar in Finnish Tampere with Hungarian wines

Timo Jokinen is a Finnish wine expert who has been involved in wine business for more than 30 years. He organizes Tampere Wine Fest annually, this year (12–13 April) the wine event will be bigger than before, and 30 chefs will attend as well from all over the word. To widen the scope of his wine related projects, Timo has opened a wine bar recently. Winebridge is a unique restaurant, bar, bistro right in the middle of Tampere. With a monthly changing menu, we aim to bring out new tastes and combinations to accompany wine explorations we provide. In addition to great food, we specialise and serve over 200 different wines from all over the world”– says Timo and so they do, they offer for example wines from Hungary. At the moment guests can taste Árvay wines from Tokaj, DiBonis wines from Vajdaság (Hungarian winery in Serbia), and Sabar wines from Badacsony. Sabar Kéknyelű is a rare white wine made of 100% indigenous Kéknyelű, a grape which is grown only in Badacsony. „Flowers of the meadows flow from the glass and summer white flesh fruits are also abundant. After the first impression of flowers and summer fruits, some tropical character, mostly pineapple appears. Exciting, concentrated, vivid. Deep, layered with firm structure and a touch of bitterness.”

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