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Wine of the Month: Heumann Rhine Riesling 2019

Or, as the illustration suggests – wine of the Easter. But the title is also true, since VinCE Magazine, the leading print wine magazine of Hungary has selected the new vintage Heumann Riesling (Villány wine region) the Wine of the Month. With 16.60 points this wine is the best of the new releases section.
“Pale lemon colour. Intense, pronounced, charming nose typical of the variety. Full of citrus fruits. Vibrant acidity and firm structure. The palate is abundant in citrusy flavours as well.”
Plus this wine has a really charming price, too: only 2800 HUF, which is around 8 euros.

The previous vintages of this wine can boast several acknowledgments as well, and this vintage also proves what Erhard Heumann said about Siklós, the commune where his Rhine Riesling plantations are situated. “Siklós towards the west has a slightly cooler climate but what in my opinion is the most important fact is that the thinner layer of loess on the lime stone rock, compared to Villány. That gives our wines (whites plus reds) a great minerality and a slightly higher acidity. Different terroir!”

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Heumann wines are available in several countries, for example in the United Kingdom by Wanderlust

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