Wine of the Week: Babarczi Olaszrizling 2020

Pannonhalma wine region is a place yet to discover, so why not start it with Babarczi Family Winery? For green winelovers: this quality wine is also available in Bag-in-Box!

Olaszrizling is the most widely planted white grape variety of Hungary and obviously it is highly popular. ‘Olasz’ means ‘Italian’, and probably the name origins from the fact that long time ago Italian wines were considered superior in Hungary.

However, Olaszrizling has nothing to do with Italy, nor with Rhine Riesling. If you want to learn more about the grape variety, visit our Grape Dictionary.

Crispy and fruity with a touch of almond

As for Babarczi, this family estate is a great winery if you want to get acquainted with the grape variety. Pannonhalma wine region has cool climate, the wines are fresh and crispy, and the state-of-art technology used for reductive vinification preserves the full fruitiness of the grape. The 2020 vintage has just been released!  “A quality wine full of character with instantly recognisable aromas reminiscent of almond. It has a balanced acidity and good length. An excellent option to accompany light first courses, fish chowder and veal dishes.”

Save the Earth, buy Bag-in-Box

Heavy bottles are less and less considered the sign of elegance, since people are getting more conscious of how big the carbon footprint of these bottles are. If you have a party or a big family with several winelovers, it is wise to buy a Bag-in-Box. Babarczi Winery has just released its new boxes of Olaszrizling, Kékfrankos Rosé and Irsai Olivér.

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Babarczi Bag in Box

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