108 old kadarka

108 year old Kadarka

Wine of the Weekend – Special release from Eszterbauer Winery

János Eszterbauer from Szekszárd wine region is famous for his experiments with Kadarka clones. He has already had two different Kadarka wines, Sógor (‘Brother-in-law’) and Nagyapám (‘My Grandfather’).

Last September he released a very limited edition single vineyard wine – the vineyard is only 1800 m². The plantation has several missing vines, thus the old, 108 year old vineyard gave crop enough for only 581 bottles of ‘108 éves Kadarka’. At this moment only 200 bottles are available – but after the successful debut, there will be next vintage.

Our great-great-grandfathers’ Kadarka

What was it like? János Eszterbauer researches story and life of his ancestors with great intensity – the result is visible on the wine labels. As for this recently bought vineyard on Palánki hill, he found that in the 19th century it belonged to Baron Antal Augusz, who happened to be a close friend of Ferenc Liszt (or Franz Liszt), the world famous composer and pianist. Schauber family inherited the vineyard, they planted Kadarka in 1912. The Eszterbauers bought the tiny vineyard from the heirs of the Schauber, partially because it is situated just above their estate building.

The retail price is only 18 euros.

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108 old kadarka vineyard

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