Type of the wine: Red, dry
Grape variety: Kadarka
Acidity / alcohol content:  N/A g/l 12 %
Terroir, vineyard:  Alsónána, Bodzás, Bátaszék
Training system:  Medium High Cordon
Harvest: Hand harvested
Technology: Spontaneous fermentation, reductive aging.
Quality level:  Standard Wine
Temperature:  16-18 °C
Food pairing:  Light Chicken paprika, typical hungarian dishes, Fish soup, ‘Lecsó’ (hungarian Ratatouille).
Available quantity:  6.500 Bottles
Retail price:  1850 HUF / 6 EUROS
Story:  The photo was shot at harvest in 1935 and depicts the ancestors of the owner on the mother side. In the middle ‘Aszalai brother-in-law’ can be seen, who had been a peasant and became a wine merchant. He put on a tie even for a harvest! The leasure guy on the horse is another brother- in-law called ‘Szöszke’ – who is in fact the grandfather of the winemaker of Eszterbauer, Laci Pálinkás. And of course the wifes are there as well , and the girls from Gránicz family
– and one of them is the grandmother of the owner, János Eszterbauer.


This Kadarka is meant for every day with its primary aromas. Light, spicy and its acidity is in perfect harmony with all the other ingredients. The nose is intensely spicy, deep and complex. On the palate the same spiciness takes the lead accompanied by beautiful, fresh, crispy red berries. Easy drinking summer refresh- ment that reminds us sour cherry syrup.

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