13 April: Grand Kékfrankos tasting

The largest annual tasting of Kékfrankos (aka Blaufränkisch)variety will showcase around 150 wines made of the variety. The most planted red grape of Hungary is capable of the most elegant wines, and at this walk around tasting at Hotel Gellért participants will have a chance to learn more about it. Aside from the chic of newness, Blaufränkisch also naturally fits the zeitgeist of contemporary wine styles. Among the variety’s key characteristics are its long and late ripening vegetative cycle, and its ability to hold acids and reach full flavour potential at low sugars, all very useful traits in this era of global warming. They also put Blaufränkisch effortlessly into the category of slimmer, fresher wine, a worldwide trend driven by a general aesthetic coalescence towards purity and transparency that has come into focus over the past few years, and which has swelled a market segment that was barely a blip on the sales report a short time ago”– wrote John Szabo Canadian–Hungarian sommelier and wine writer in an article about Kékfrankos.

Tickets and more information (though only in Hungarian)

Tűzkő Talentum 2015 – the best Kékfrankos based blend

The grand tasting will feature the top wines of Hungary as well. Prior to the event, a blind tasting took place to select the most outstanding examples of Kékfrankos and Kékfrankos based blends. This year best blend Tűzkő Tálentum from Tolna wine region. The wine is a blend of Kékfrankos and Cabernet Franc, the Kékfrankos comes from 30 year old vines. The wine was matured in barrique for 14 months, then for another 1.5 years in bottle. A complex wine with silky texture and a great balance of fruits and toasty notes.

Etyeki Kúria – a newcomer Kékfrankos

The state of art winery from Etyek has started to bottle single varietal Kékfrankos only recently from their Sopron vineyards, but since then their wines are always among the best ones, for example their 2015 Kékfrankos won the blind tasting of the event last year therefore selected to be the Best Kékfrankos in 2018. „Blackcurrant scents with a fine pepper note and toasted fresh aromas. The round palate yields juicy flavours, light spiciness and fine acidity. A smooth and elegant wine – so easy to love.”


Taschner – the unmissable

Sopron is „the capital of Kékfrankos” and Kurt Taschner is one of the most well known producers of Sopron wine region. His Sopron Kékfrankos Classic 2016 is a „fresh and lively wine, which represents the colour blue on the nose as well (‘Kék’ in Kékfrankos means blue): plum, blueberry and blue flowers with charming, playful spicy notes. Spices dominate the zesty palate supplemented by ripened fruits like cherry and plum.”

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