25 year old reductive wines? Yes!

I would not recommend them if I hadn’t tried them myself. But some years ago I had the opportunity to taste white wines of more than one decade and even some older ones with Ákos Kamocsay, chief winemaker of Hilltop Winery. Me and my colleagues were shocked by the freshness and complexity of the wines. Now this rare experience is available for you. Hilltop Wine Museum has been collecting wines from the very first vintage in 1993. Labels got pale and bottles are covered with noble mould, but inside the bottles vivacious, delicious wines are waiting silently for their destiny. From now collectors will have the chance to buy older lots (like 20 bottles, maximum 200 bottles from some vintages). As Ákos Kamocsay claims, these wines show a totally different face, they can give nice surprise. Even for him it is a great pleasure to taste long gone vintages.

Hilltop Winery is within a short drive from Budapest, and soon they will open the renewed wine hotel as well. The greatest attraction will surely be the two rooms created from large barrels! The hotel surrounded by vineyards, featuring a swimming pool and a well equipped wine restaurant is usually fully booked, thus it is advised to book well ahead.

(Written by Ágnes Németh)

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