5 course dinner at the state-of-art oasis

St Martin’s Day at Lajvér Wine Estate

Szekszárd wine region is only 80 minutes drive from Budapest, and not far from the city of Szekszárd you will find a stunning building in the picturesque valley of Lajvér spring. The winery is composed to perfectly fit its environment, it smoothly reclines in the hills. The winery is a success story: as chief winemaker Norbert Far reported, the sales of the estate are expected to grow from 120 000 bottles to 200 000 bottles by the end of the year. „We aim to mix the noble traditions of Szekszárd with the opportunities offered by the most modern vinfication techniques” – said Norbert Far. They work to achieve this goal with passion and enthusiasm, and their efforts are proved not only by the growth of sales, but also by the popularity of their two events (Lajvér Borjour and Lajvér Pik-nik). Apart from these larger scale events, the winery is open for visitors and awaits guests with several attractions. The next one to watch is the St Martin Day dinner on the 10th November.

Goose breast, goose soup, goose leg

To remember the famous bishop – who hid among the geese according to the legend, when the pope came to acknowledge his merits – traditonal St. Martin dinners consist of several courses composed with different parts of the goose. Lajvér Bistro chef created courses like smoked rosé goose breast with savoury cabbage cream and birch or confit goose gizzard with pearl barley baked in dough, accompanied by pickles. The courses are paired with 6 Lajvér wines, the dessert (chocolate, pear and salted caramel) is for example paired with Lajvér Merlot Selection 2016.

The 5 course dinner with 6 wines costs 15 000 HUF / person (46 euros).

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