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7 facts about the “unpronounceable ” grape

Cserszegi Fűszeres is Hungarian grape variety giving juicy, lovely, aromatic wines. Its cheerful flavours can lift up our weekdays. As Frittmann Winery suggests with this photo – you don’t need caviar or foie gras and icon wines every day, some chips and a bottle chilled Cserszegi is good enough to enjoy the moment.


1. The variety was created by Károly Bakonyi, who crossed Irsai Oliver and Red Traminer.

2. The word ‘cserszegi’ refers to the village on the north-west of Lake Balaton, where Károly Bakonyi lived. ‘Fűszeres’means spicy, it refers to the spicy character of the grape.

3. At the moment there are 2700 hectares growing Cserszegi Fűszeres variety in Hungary, which makes it the 4th most planted white variety in the country – after Bianca, Furmint and Olaszrizling. Yet there is a serious decrease: in 2020 there were 4088 hectares under Cserszegi Fűszeres.

4. Cserszegi Fűszeres is an aromatic, spicy, muscat type grape with fairly high acidity. Not suitable for longer aging. The educated wine connoisseurs often despise the variety saying that it is not sophisticated, but it can be elegant, sleek and charming if made carefully. Rose petals, citrus fruits, elderberry are among its most typical notes.

5. The indigenous Hungarian grape can be found all over the country except Tokaj, and very popular among wine drinkers. Kunság, Hajós–Baja – the two less appreciated wine regions produce a lot of the grape, but we can find nice examples around lake Balaton as well.

6. The wine made of Cserszegi should be consumed young and chilled, and ideal in ‘fröccs’ (‘spritz’ – wine with carbon dioxide added water). It can be paired with light poultry dishes, fresh cow cheeses, dishes with fruit. Due to its intense aromas, Cserszegi matches nicely with oriental dishes like thai curry.

7. The name of the variety is unpronounceable indeed, no wonder a brand of Cserszegi was on sale in the United Kingdom with this name (“The Unpronounceable”). The Frittmanns also have had mercy on you – they have put only half of the name, so you can call the wine simply “Cserszegi”, as if it were a friend. And it will be, just give it a chance!

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