3 Sauvignon Blanc wines of Hungary

3 charming Hungarian Sauvignon Blanc wines

The “asparagus and Sauv Blanc time” of the year

Our wine educator used to say that Sauvignon Blanc is a variety easy to recognize even for beginners. It is true, and how delicious that revelation is! Though there is a trend to focus on local grapes and rediscover ancient varieties, it is nice to have stunning guest grapes. And guests should be treated well: we give them great soil, plenty of sunshine and loving care. Taste Sauvignon Blanc wines from different wine regions to discover the differences! Dubicz from Mátra wine region, Koch from Hajós–Baja and Frittmann from Kunság. This is the season of dishes made of fresh asparagus – an ideal pair of Sauvignon.

In Hungary there are 957 hectares under Sauvignon Blanc (source: HNT 2023), it is the 14th most planted white variety (out of the 125 white grapes planted in Hungary).
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Dubicz Sauvignon Blanc 2023, Mátra

Mátra is the largest mountainous wine region with volcanic soil and vineyards at high altitude. The award-winning labels of Dubicz Vineyard and Winery are so easy to recognize, that the wine connoisseur can experience double revelation: once with the playful labels and then with the unmistakable Sauvignon character. “Wild grasses can be found in its fragrance with a flowering tone and a bit of ripe pears in the background. A well-balanced taste with medium body. It is a smooth wine to drink.” The stainless steel fermented and aged wine is suggested by the ladies of the estate to be paired with poultry, feta, mozzarellacheeses, seafood, nuts.
The retail price on the winery webshop is only 1700 HUF / 4.4 EUR!
More about Dubicz Vineyard and Winery
If you are interested in importing Dubicz wines, contact Zsolt Fehér export manager

Dubicz Sauvignon Blanc Mátra Hungary

Koch Premium Sauvignon Blanc 2023

Koch Winery is the most important estate in Hajós–Baja wine region (Duna broader wine region) led by the owner, Csaba Koch, the “perpetuum mobile” of the Hungarian wine scene. The estate won the prestigious title “Winery of the Year” in 2014, Csaba was chosen “Winemaker of the Year” in 2019, Csaba is the president of the Hungarian Wine Academy and you can see him at hundreds of events, wine competitions throughout the year.
Koch Premium Sauvignon Blanc is also vinified in reductive way, but it is made of selected grapes, thus it belongs to the premium line. The alcohol level is only 11%, which is definitely an advantage, since you want another glass of the wine, then another one… Abundant in cut grass notes, green apples and citrus fruits. The best is to taste it at the estate, where there is a guest house as well with lovely rooms. The tranquility of the village is a remedy to our souls…
The retail price on the winery webshop is only 1839 HUF / 4.7 EUR!
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If you are interested in importing Koch wines, contact Pálma Koch export manager

Koch Sauvignon Blanc

Frittmann Sauvignon Blanc 2023, Kunság

Welcome to the largest wine region in Hungary, Kunság! The Frittmann brothers, true pioneers, revived the region’s reputation with fashionable wines. János Frittmann’s accolade as Winemaker of the Year in 2007 and the estate’s prestigious “Winery of the Year” title in 2015 underscore their commitment to excellence. Though they concentrate on indigenous varieties like Irsai Olivér, Ezerjó, Cserszegi Fűszeres, or Kadarka, others alike, some international grapes are also cultivated. Complete your experience with a stay in their charming guesthouse, where every room beckons with warmth and comfort.
“In keeping with the Kunság wine region, our version showcases its fruity side: the nose is reminiscent of luscious tropical fruits such as passion fruit and lime. On the nose, this lemon-coloured wine is strikingly refreshing, with citrus and herbal notes accompanied by yellow-fleshed fruit. The body is halfway between light and medium, the acids are balanced and the alcohol content is appropriate for the type of wine. On the palate, small bubbles of CO2, citrus aromas and a fine spicy character balance the sweet fruit of musk melon and pineapple. Recommended as an aperitif, with fish, chicken and cheese dishes.”
The retail price on the winery webshop is only 1900 HUF / 4.9 EUR!
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If you are interested in importing Frittmann wines, contact Péter Frittmann here.

Frittmann Sauvignon Blanc Hungary Kunság

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