Dúzsi Summer Red label by a tattoo maker, with Szekszárd attractions

Label with the tale of a magical region

New Release Summer Red by Dúzsi Family Winery

Wine labels are rarely designed by tattoo makers, the brand new Dúzsi Summer Red is a delightful exception. Several attractions of the southern Hungarian wine region appear in the picture, it may be a delicious challenge to visit them one by one, and to celebrate each ticked stop by a chilled bottle of this fruity, juicy summer blend. Tamás Dúzsi junior explained us why the new brand was created and how successful his US portfolio tasting was.

Dúzsi Summer Red

Vineyard: Szekszárd, vineyard: Sióagárd–Leányvár
Grape varieties: Pinot Boir, Blauburger and Zweigelt
Vinification: fermented and aged in stainless steel tank
Price: now at introductory price for only 2299 HUF / 5.9 EUR on winery webshop.
The wine is also available at Dúzsi Wine Shop in Budapest at Ráday street 37.

The challenge of a red wine region

The wine range of Dúzsi Family Winery is fairly wide, and Tamás Dúzsi junior, one of the children keeps telling, that the range will be smaller, easier to comprehend. Thus, when this new release appeared, I could not help smiling to myself. “But indeed, we are working on narrowing the wine range! Yet, we realized that there was a need for an easy drinking summer wine, something apart from our rosé wines. Szekszárd is a typically red wine region, we could have made a blanc de noir, but we decided to come out with a fruity red instead, especially created for the summer” – explained Tamás, who admits that Summer Red was his idea. He also adds, that “fröccs”, the popular Hungarian summer drink (also known as “spritz”, wine with soda water) has a tradition in Szekszárd of making it from red wine. “We recommend this fruity red wine chilled for summer evening friendly gatherings, barbecue and garden parties.”


The attractions on the label

The label was created by Zoltán Cziráki (zozotattoo), an internationally recognized tattoo artist, Tamás’s grammar school friend. The main motifs of Szekszárd and its surroundings appear on its label, including the following ones:
– The blue and white church on the right to part is Mausz chapel on the top of the Görögszó vineyard – a vineyard of the flagship red wines of the estate.

– The air balloons on the top right corner stand for the small airport in Őcsény, where visitors can try parachuting, enjoy the view of the region from an air balloon or from a Cessna airplane.

– The deer on the left represents the famous forest of Gemenc, the only remaining tidal area of the river Danube, one of the largest flood-forest in Europe. Watch a short video about it:

– The train below the deer also refers to the forest of Gemenc, where this tourist train runs.
– The bicycle is an essencial object in the life of Dúzsi family, since the founder, Tamás Dúzsi used to participate in bicycle road contest along with some of his sons.
– And at last, in the bottom right part we can see some dark pink flowers, a rare and protected species of lilies called snake’s head or chess flower (Fritillaria meleagris)

Back from the US

Palinkerie is a wine importing company in New York with a great selection of Hungarian wines, and Dúzsi wines have been one of the oldest and largest in the portfolio. The company celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Fun fact: Tamás Dúzsi remembers the arrival of the very frist shipment of Dúzsi wines in New York – it happened on his birthday. Athena, the lady who owns and manages Palinkarie, focuses on Hungarian wines only. Last week there was grand tasting of the whole selection, Tamás was there to promote their wines. I asked him about his impressions and as he commented, the tasting was a success, and the American wine connoisseurs were also looking for easy drinking, lighter style red wines. Thank God there is a generation of open minded wine connoisseurs, who are curious about novelties and like discovering wines from “remote, exotic” countries like Hungary.

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