A 50-year-old ’Little Girl’ – ideal present for youngish ladies

Katalin Tóth, manager and co-owner of Tóth Ferenc Winery was surprised to taste the typical notes of Leányka grape variety (’Leányka’ means ’Little girl’) in a 50-year-old bottle! Leányka is a white grape, delicate and slightly aromatic, usually freshly consumed wines are made of it. Tóth Ferenc Winery managed to create complex, layered, exciting Leányka (Leányka Superior 2016, Mundus Vini, gold medal), but most cellars use Leányka for their Egri Csillag white blend. „We have opened a bottle of 1969 and 1976 vintage Egri Leányka, and we were surprised to realize that these were sweet wines. But the most astonishing was that the same notes of a young Leányka were discovered in these old wines. Late harvest character, honey, raisin, mango – both wines are enjoyable and real rarities. The tasting of these wines initiated a thought that Leányka may have much longer ageing potential in our cellars than we had expected” – says Katalin Tóth. The 1969 wine is an ideal Christmas present, especially for youngish, 50 year old ladies… 1969 vintage costs 35.000 HUF (106 euros) and 1976 vintage costs 30.000 HUF (91 euros), plus shipment. Tóth Ferenc Winery webshop is worth taking a look at, especially now, before Christmas. Special offers, wine pairings with outstanding quality artisan chocolate, limited edition wines and many wines in the new Eger community bottle.

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